Abram Kash is a Designer and Developer based in Washington, D.C. He primarily works on the web, specializing in Javascript and Ruby.

You can contact Abram at abram.kash@gmail.com or twitter.com/abnormcore.

Experiments — Ongoing

Various Javascript canvas experiments. (source)

Otherside — July 2016

Otherside creates a Twitter List of the accounts someone follows, letting you to see Twitter from their perspective. (source)

Cyber Surf — January 2016

A collection of animated images once popular on reddit or imgur, displayed in random order. (source)

Pixil.ink — May 2015

16x16/4 shade pixel art drawing canvas.

Proser — February 2015

Website that allows multiple people to edit a markdown document simultaneously. (source)

Chat Stats — August 2014

Visualization of activity in an IRC or Slack channel. (source)

Designer Network — July 2014

Web IRC client designed for ease of use. Users only need click one button to being engaging with the community. (source)

Music Server — December 2013

An iTunes-esque music player on the web. The backend indexes mp3s on the server and builds a database which is rendered in the browser. (source)